Single Origin Coffee

Our Single Origin coffees offer exclusive flavours, premium quality and are perfect for the adventurous or those looking to curate their drinking experience.

Single Origin coffees offer drinkers the opportunity to explore distinctive coffee flavours. These brews are made from coffee beans sourced from one location, giving them unique flavours tied to local growing conditions. Single Origin coffees are produced in small batches and micro-lots, making the final product an exclusive sensory experience. These coffees are perfect for the curious caffeine lover, looking to explore and expand their palate.

When you’re brewing with our Single Origin beans, you’re guaranteed quality experience. We regularly offer Single Origin special releases, made of some of the rarest and most delicious coffee grounds from around the world. The special releases are limited edition, so if you’re looking for a great speciality coffee gift or to sample some yourself, get in fast before it’s gone!

With the range of flavours, Single Origin coffees let you curate your drinking experience. Whether you're looking for something buttery, bright and full-bodied or deep, dark and sweet, we’ve got the beans.