Hidden behind Hoddle Street in Collingwood

This is the hub of our roasting production, Wholesale Sales, Customer Service and daily dispatch activity.

See our coffee

Every morning you can find us sipping and slurping the coffees from every roast on the previous day.

We taste and appraise all roasts against the exhaustive data that is collected from our roasting equipment and software.

At Jasper Coffee, we only roast single origin coffee beans to respect the particular roast flavor profiles of the specific origins. We then blend from those origins to articulated recipes to enhance the nuances of complex tastes.

Jasper Coffee has 2 recirculating air roasters a Lilla from Brasil, and a Loring Smartroaster from California.

…both defiantly energy efficient and without need for power guzzling afterburners. In a close urban environment, we have taken account of the need to respect our neighbours and to limit odours and emissions.

While our first quest is to cup the coffees daily, we also have 3 key Certifications to comply with. These Certifications are externally audited annually.

For our Fair Trade compliance we must batch code every roast and record every component of every blend. This means that Jasper Coffee can also recognize all coffees going to every customer and track it back to roast batch.

For our Organic compliance, we must separate all Organic products from conventional so there can be no cross contamination. We must have a separating barrier of clean paper between the sack of green beans and the wooden pallet. We have separate scoops and batch bins and Organic cleaning products. We are also required to purge our packing machine prior to packing our Organic coffees.

In dealing with our Carbon Neutral Certification, we are always vigilant to look for abatement opportunities. These have included changing all our lights to LED, separating all waste from cardboard, compostable, landfill and plastics, and even changing the cooling tray mesh for larger holes to save on power in cooling our roasted beans. Then all eyes are on our hybrid fleet of beautifully signed Prius cars and delivery vans.

To make an appointment call our staff and begin the Adventure.

We are ready and able to answer even basic questions about simple equipment breakdowns, or ready to transfer more complex issues to our expert Service Department where knowledge of equipment and solution is exemplary within the Industry.

We have a professional Barista Training Facility where all our café customers come to hone their skills to reveal the very best qualities of our coffees and gain confidence to trouble shoot equipment operation.

Our Roastery is also the place for our patient and expert Sales Team to host introductions to tastings and café or Corporate startups.

Unit 3, Rear/260 Hoddle St,
Abbotsford VIC 3067

03 9416 1960

Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Sat - Sun Closed