Raw Sugar

Sweet Sustainability

Fairtrade, organic and carbon neutral!

  • Sweet Sustainability

    We have searched the World to find this sustainably grown succulent Raw Sugar.

    In a volatile World Sugar Market, these growers have embraced Fairtrade and Organic Certifications and risen beyond their heritage of slavery forever. With Fairtrade they are now empowered to make their own decisions and benefit from Fairtrade Premiums to manifest real changes to the quality of life for all the Cooperative Members.

    Being Organic Certified, this eliminates the use of herbicides and pesticides and enhances the rich flavours within. As raw sugar, much of the mineral nutrient is retained in the final product after processing, and the soil retains the health and rich humus to support the rich flavours.

    This sugar is 100% Carbon Neutral, sourced from Paraguay. We have reduced our footprint, because it matters.

    Why Fairtrade Sugar?

    Unlike Australia, Latin American sugar farmers lack access to a strong legal system that protects their rights. Nor do they have a World Class health and welfare system or marketing systems to enable access to World markets. With Fairtrade Premiums, producers have purchased their own Mill, established dental services, medical clinics and trained staff in administration and agronomy practices. We have chosen to give these farmers a better deal, an opportunity to share their crop and gain income to assist the elevation of standards of their livelihood and so together, Re Humanise the food supply chain.

    Sweet Choice!!