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Ensuring we only buy and supply environmentally sustainable and ethically produced coffee is one of our core values. We were the first Australian coffee company to offer the public Fairtrade coffee and today we are proud to offer a range of Fairtrade, Certified Organic, Shadegrown and Carbon Neutral coffees.

All of our coffees are Fairtrade, meaning that growers are fairly compensated for their efforts, working in safe conditions and receive premiums to re-invest into the community.

Shade-grown means that the coffee beans are grown beneath indigenous or mixed forest canopy. This preserves the local ecosystem and allows native flora and fauna to live and thrive among the coffee crops. It also enables local communities to access a sustainable source of income.

Coffees marked ‘Carbon Neutral’ means that there was zero additional carbon released during the production of that coffee.

Whenever you select one of our Fairtrade, Shadegrown, Certified Organic or Carbon Neutral coffees, you’re helping protect the Earth and the livelihoods of the people who produce your coffee.