How to Brew – V60 Pour Over

30 June, 2022 2 min read

The Pour Over is a popular, easy and delicate brew method. It produces a beautifully clean cup of coffee and does a brilliant job of highlighting all the coffee’s natural flavours and nuances. 

Let’s not forget its convenience, as you can take your pour over cone pretty much anywhere – from camping, to work, to the back shed. 

Jasper’s recipe

15g of freshly ground coffee 

240g (or 240ml) of boiled water 

2:45 mins total brew time 

Brew ratio 1:16 

Before you brew

Your freshly ground coffee should be finer than a plunger setting but coarser than espresso. We recommend using ‘paper filter grind’.  

Step 1

Bring your filtered water to the boil. While you wait, rinse your cup and cone in hot water to warm them up. It pays to wet the filter paper to remove any 'paper-y' or 'cardboard-y' flavours. 

Step 2

Fit the  filter paper in the cone, put your ground coffee inside it, and place the cone on your warm cup.  

☕ Top Tip

Our popular pour over beans includeEthiopia Hama,Colombia Popayan andEthiopia Sidamo.

Step 3

If you have scales, place the cup and cone together on the scales. Start by pouring enough water to saturate the coffee, about twice the weight of the coffee. 

☕ Top Tip 

Leave the fresh coffee to ‘bloom’ for about 30 seconds. This allows the coffee to de-gas and arrange itself evenly, which gives you an even extraction.   

Step 4 

Pour the remaining water slowly, in a circular motion. Try to finish pouring at the 2-minute mark so you’re close to that total brew time of 2:45 – just like our recipe. 

Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the morning. 

🌱 Don’t forget too that your paper filter and spent coffee grinds can go straight in the compost!