Doing business with a sustainable heart

09 June, 2022 3 min read

At Jasper Coffee, we’re aware that the quality of soil, air, water and viability of people are the essence of sustainability. It’s why we’ve consciously embedded these aspects in our business.

With this in mind, we wanted to share some of the projects we’re proud to have been part of over the years – from helping to build up community capacity to participating in Fairtrade initiatives to combat the issue of child slavery. Not to beat our own chests, but rather so you know more about who you’re in business with as a Jasper Coffee customer. 

1989 (through to 2000)

Supported many local school sponsorships and funded Childrens Farm sponsorships


Purchased a Lilla Roaster, the most energy efficient roasting equipment of its kind


Jasper Coffee becomes certified organic with Australian Certified Organic (ACO)


Started using Fairtrade organic coffees from East Timor and Costa Rica 


Became the founding member of the newFairtrade Association of Australia and New Zealand


IntroducedCafé Femenino from Peru in 2005 and, at the beginning, bought 50% of their crop

2005 (through to present)

Supported Café Femenino through funding various projects including water purification, new buildings and food relief during the pandemic


Partnered withWorld Vision to help a small cooperative in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

2007 – 2014

Self-imposed a levy on the sale of Yirgacheffe,Ethiopia, and sent $98,000 over 7 years to help elevate producers and their families out of poverty 

2007 – 2016

Our co-founder, Wells, visited Ethiopia three times to build relationships with two coops in Yirgacheffe and Sidamo


Started buying Honduras Fairtrade coffee


Partnered with an NGO to help a small group of young people in Cambodia, including the training of baristas and equipment servicing


Sponsored an agronomist to the coop in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, to appraise their agronomy habits and recommend initiatives


Sponsored the Honduras coop business manager to Melbourne for skills development, including corporate presenting at PWC and RMIT

2011 -2014 

Jasper Fairtradeinstant coffee served on 66% of Australia’s domestic airlines


Introduced compostable packaging for our instant coffee and our 1kg packs


Funded the Honduras coop bank debt so they could regain another finance loan 


Sponsored $7,000 towards the reclamation effort of the Honduras coop to rebuild their farms after La Roya fungus devastated their crop by 80% 


LaunchedRed Dust the Coffee blend with the NGO Outback Academy to fund the Red Dust Healing program for young Indigenous people


Funded a soap making facility for the Ethiopian Sidamo co-op


The first to introduce Fairtrade Organic cocoa,drinking chocolate,sugar andinstant coffee to Australia 


Visited East Timor and committed to co-fund a birthing clinic annexe for the co-op


Granted permission to visit our Fairtrade co-op in Colombia


Introduced compostable capsules to market


Introduced the first plastic-free take away cups to Australia


Funded $13,000 to assist the Honduras co-op in the wake of two devastating hurricanes


Launched a GO FUND ME campaign to raise $20,000 to help the Honduras co-op’s rectification program 

There’s more to come and we look forward to sharing the stories of our people and producers, and their communities, with you. If you’re keen to learn more about the work we do, read on regardingsustainability, or see some of our Faitrade stories fromColombia,Ethiopia,Papua New Guinea, andEast Timor.