How to Brew – Moccamaster

06 July, 2022 2 min read

For the Moccamaster lovers who crave coffee on tap in your office or at home, we’ve got you covered with these tips for optimising your brew for you and the crew. Spread the word so you have everyone on the same page. 

Jasper’s recipe

45g coffee

750ml water

Total brew time of 5 minutes 

Brew ratio of 60g per litre

Before you brew

Clean your carafe! If you’ve ever experienced that stale coffee flavour even though you’ve  just brewed a fresh one, you’ll know why. Let nothing old taint your precious coffee taste!

Step 1

Fill the tank to your preferred volume. If you had a late one the night before, be generous and bump the Jasper recipe to 65g of coffee and 1 litre of water. 

☕ Top Tip

For best brewing results on a Moccamaster we recommend  Colombia Anei,  Ethiopia Sidamo and  Wild Niugini.

Step 2

Heat your carafe with hot water, give it a swish, then empty it and place it under the cone.

Step 3

Place your  filter paper  in the cone, wet it under the sink, and put it into position. 

☕ Top Tip

It pays to wet the filter paper to remove any 'paper-y' or 'cardboard-y' flavours. It also helps the ground coffee sit in the cone better. 

Step 4

Weigh out your beans, grind them, then place it into your filter. Be sure to level your grinds out. 

☕ Top Tip

For grind size, stick with coarse, noting the aim is for a flat coffee bed. 

Step 5

Turn on your Moccamaster and set your timer. After there’s some water in the grounds, stir for 30 seconds so there are no lumps and to let the bloom rise. 

From there, all that’s left is to find your favourite mug. Though while you’re waiting, we suggest browsing  Jasper’s subscriber options  so you never run out.