Hario Cold Brew Bottle

Cold Brew Starter Bundle

The perfect setup for a great cold brew at home.

Bundle includes:

1x Hario 750ml cold brewer

1x Wild Niugini 250g

1x Colombia Anei Fairtrade Organic 250g

Our good friends at Hario have made it even easier to enjoy cold brew coffee straight from your fridge - a great low acid alternative to traditional coffee brewing methods and perfect for summer!

We packed it together with these two unique and quite different coffees for you to experiment at home.

Niugini Wild has been a favourite at our Prahran Market store this summer on the cold brew with a light sweet finish, pairs well with soda water and a slice of lemon.

Colombia Anei is bolder, and deeper with a rich smooth caramel finish. This makes for a rich smooth shot of cold brew on the rocks.

How to use at home:

Simply fill the mesh filter with coffee grinds and water,  then leave to steep in the refrigerator for an 8-24 hour period. 

Once it's brewed, remove the filter and the coffee grinds, and voila, delicious cold coffee to sip on those hot days.  

If you love exploring different coffee brewing methods, you need one of these.

Simple Brewing Process - All you need is cold water, coffee and then leave it to sit for 12 hours.

750ml Capacity - Makes enough for a few glasses of iced coffee.

Signature Hario Glass - Made with Hario’s famous high borosilicate glass.

Sealing Silicone Lid - Completely seals the bottle to be spill free.