Best coffee gifts for different kinds of coffee lovers

22 November, 2022 3 min read

There’s an easy art to finding the best coffee gift for the bean lovers in your world and we’d be delighted to help. From the message you think they’d like to hear to the beans that speak their particular language of coffee love, we’ve got you covered in this shopper’s guide to coffee gifts.


Who are we talking about?

Sweet tooths and chocolate lovers

Chocolate drink in mug

It’s one of the top requests in our stores and sweetness can take on so many different subtle forms. The following coffees get our customers’ stamp of approval in the sweetie/coffee/chocolate department.

Tip: When browsing for sweet beans keep an eye out for notes like honey, chocolate, brown sugar, licorice and plum. 


Travellers and worldly gourmands

When buying for the explorers you know, consider honouring a region that’s dear to them or a place yet travelled.  An easy way is to head straight to the  single origins for something unique to that part of the world. Coffees vary greatly and their tastes are influenced by a unique combination of factors including climate, terroir and growing method.

Asia for example

Coffee from Papua New Guinea coffee has been the staple of the Australian coffee industry for more than 50 years. We’ve had  Niugini Wild as a standard in our repertoire since we started. For us, it makes for such a refreshing taste to cup the tastes of the tropical forest. 

Central and South America for example

Almost every country in Central and South America grows coffee. Think boldness and punch in a cup and you get the gist. From the top coffees of the year for Wells,  Cuban Star has reigned supreme. It’s a robust, smoky coffee that whisks you away to long afternoons on balconies overlooking Old Havana.

Africa for example

Kenya is the East African powerhouse of the coffee world – both in the cup, and the way they run their trade, everything is top notch. We can’t go past  Kenya Fine Estate as a prime example of what African coffee is all about. It has a memorable bright aroma of intensely ripe blueberries followed by dark tea, licorice and chocolate notes.


Particular brew method preferences

Brewing coffee in kitchen

Some beans and blends definitely shine brighter depending on how you make them. So whether you know a fanatical aeropress-head or are buying for a ‘this is just easier for me’ brewer, these beans should do the trick. 

Filter coffees

Pour overs and drip filters:

Ethiopia Hama

Café Femenino Decaf

Juliet Blend


Aeropress coffees

Have coffee, go anywhere:

Blend 2

Colombia Anei

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe


Stovetop coffees

Not leaving the house:

Blend 10

East Timor Maubisse

Mexico Chiapas


Espresso coffees

For very passionate brewers:

Blend 6

Buzz Alley

Caffeine Club


Plunger coffees

Made for sharing:

Nicaragua Matagalpa

Ethiopia Sidamo

Blend 3


Chemex coffees

For coffee in a pretty little vessel:

Café Femenino

Colombia Popayan

Ethiopia Djimma


Happy to try something new 

Who is this person? They’re always the first to try out the random protein or something off the secret menu, and they don’t play favourites. With these kinds of giftees, spoiling them with a range of options is a great way to say ‘I see you and your anything-goes-ways, friend’. 

  • Sample packs of 4 of Jasper Coffee favourites – our most popular coffees in a 4-pack of yum
  • Mix up your own or set up a  subscription from a bunch of flavour profiles – like  Blend 9, the coffee Wells our founder considers in his best
  • World of Coffee of  5 or  10 packs – we bust this out at Christmas for easy gifting and Secret Santas 


The people with a social conscience

Coffee farmer

And lastly to the coffees we’d gratefully receive any day of the week. It’s Fairtrade all the way for the people who believe in making conscious choices. Our  Fairtrade options include single origins, organics and funky little bean blends: 

Honduras ‘Copan Ruins’

Billy Dunne

Juliet Blend

And many many more  Fairtrade coffees. 


Every time you buy a bag of Jasper Coffee, a percentage of that sale goes towards the Fairtrade Premium we pay. In 2021, our customers helped us generate a massive  $42,492.



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