Café Femenino Decaf

Stone Fruit | Red Apple | Hazelnut

Decaf isn't a dirty word around here, it's simply coffee without caffeine.

Stone fruit, Red Apple, Hazelnut

Delightful Decaf!

  • Region: Lambayeque Penachi

    Altitude: 1300 – 1800m

    Varietal: Typica

    Process: Washed sun dried and Swiss Water Processed

    De-Caffeinated beans seem an anomaly to all good reason to drink coffee…but only if there is no comprehension of the process and the final consequential wonderful tastes. It takes risk and a willingness to experience just what taste is about in Decaf, without the suspicion in pretext just because of a title.

    Swiss Water Process is an amazing company in Vancouver Canada. Here, we were amazed to see, best quality coffees from around the World, re-sorted and graded prior to the process beginning. Quality here is of prime consideration.

    The green beans are soaked in tepid water. Caffeine is water soluble. Therefore, caffeine migrates to the water, which in turn is passed through charcoal filters, a process which removes the caffeine molecule. Now the de caffeinated water is returned to the same green bean stock to continue the caffeine removal for approximately 8 hours. All the water is already pre charged with the existing coffee flavour compounds to ensure no migration of those flavours. So, now we have all the origin flavours retained and locked into the de caffeinated beans, ready to dry and roast.

    You will notice that the roasted coffee beans always look dark. However, in fact, this is a Medium to light roast. It is just that the process of de caffeination leaves the beans darker in colour already, which remains through the roast. Don’t trust us…just taste for yourself…Blindfolded!

  • Our Peru Café Femenino Fairtrade Organic Certified Swiss Water Processed Carbon Neutral coffee needs a long black to enable anyone to say it! The beans are exactly the same beans as our regular Café Femenino from the Penachi Coop.

    The origin is in the very high altitude of the Andes in remote far north of Peru. Every year, the Women coffee producers celebrate their coffee with an Organic Coffee Festival where small pantomimes about coffee stories are judged. Traditional regional costumes are worn with pride, and the Coffee Queen is announced. We hope they don’t mind that we also celebrate their silky soft sweet coffee, even without caffeine!

    • Espresso dose: 21 grams
    • Extraction: 44 grams
    • Time: 30 Seconds
    • Temp: 94 degrees
    • Filter Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17