B Corp Certified

Beyond the Silent Spring

After 5 arduous months of answering hundreds of questions about the operations, sustainability, morality, ethics , governance and supplier relationships of our Company, Jasper  Coffee became the first coffee company in Australia to join the International ranks and standing of companies, who can claim to be at the highest World standing of  Sustainability.

Jasper Coffee is now a B Corp Certified Company.

This Certification sits above and compliments Fairtrade, Organic and Carbon Neutral and truly demonstrates that we care about the way we operate and think.

This Certification is an acclamation that our business is a force for good. Through our products and practices, we aspire and demonstrate benefits and relationship for our stakeholders.

In this, Jasper Coffee recognises that we are merely a conduit between the Coffee Producers and the Consumers. Through our efforts we have supported communities at origin who struggle to become self- sufficient.

Our Company, along with all our staff, accept that we all rely on each other to sustain a livelihood where environment, product, sales and quality of life and workplace, all matter. So beyond the manifestation of Fairtrade, Organic, Carbon Neutrality, Jasper Coffee now harnesses all these significant milestones under the umbrella of B Corp.

We have met the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, governance and accountability, and so we have used the power of markets and relationships to help solve just some social and environmental problems.

We recognise, as in the expression of Artist, David Thomas, just what does matter by what our matter does.

We are very pleased that our customers have been very invested in our journey and I thank you for being part of us…and we also thank Rachel Carson for enlightening our perspective of the World in her visionary writings in ‘Silent Spring” back in the Seventies.