Heal Country OAA - Coffee Bundle

Award winning Fairtrade coffee to set you up for NAIDOC week.

Bundle includes three brilliant blends:

1x River Blend

1x Land Blend

1x Red Dust Blend

Proceeds from these coffees go towards projects regenerating Country and community through education, horticulture and agriculture.


The Coffees:

River: Winning the best organic coffee trophy 2023 at the Royal Adelaide Coffee Show, this coffee will win your heart. Full of smooth sweet creamy caramel notes with a buttery finish, it creates a well rounded latte and smooth sipping long black.

Land: Strong, rich and earthy in character, hazelnut in the middle and a bold chocolate finish. Lattes and flat whites all round.

Red Dust: magical coffee, blended and taste tested with approval of OAA and tribal elders at a ceremony held by the Jasper Coffee roasting team of 2014. A zesty front with an earthy malt finish. Full on flavour in a french press!


Who is Outback Academy Australia?

Outback Academy Australia is a majority First Nations-led business movement dedicated to accelerating economic freedom, employment and wellbeing for First Nations Australians.

We have worked closely with OAA for many years. Wells helped to build awareness of sustainable and cooperative business practice for farmer groups, based on the Fairtrade ethos of small farmer groups working together, rather than in competition. OAA fostered a strong relationship with our team in the process.

OAA has since created a system to work on the ground with Aboriginal farmers, building capacity and capabilities for what they call an “alliance-based” and scaled-up agricultural and horticultural regenerative farming business.

This coffee is roasted and blended by Jasper Coffee, owned by Outback Academy Australia.

Proceeds from these coffees go towards projects regenerating Country and community through education, horticulture and agriculture via OAA.

Find out more about Outback Academy Australia on their Website - LINK


Red Dust Heelers?

The original OAA blend is Red Dust.

This coffee was created in part to help the Red Dust Heelers wheelchair basketball team. The Red Dust Heelers are an incredible group of talented people playing on the national stage. Each game is hard fought, brutal and intense.

RDH Team members are Aboriginal and other Australians with disability. They are leaders and advocates for greater inclusion in all areas of life including sports and recreation, business, education, training and employment.

The RDH promote and encourage through their community engagement programs, innovative and practical tools for greater inclusion and opportunities across all areas of life. They use parasports to engage with communities, business, government and services to ‘think outside the square’ when opening doors to people with disability.

Proceeds from Red Dust coffee go to helping them achieve their goals in community outreach and engagement.