Enjoy Award Winning Coffee for Home While Supporting Indigenous Australian Business.

09 July, 2024 3 min read


Why Choose Outback Academy Australia Coffee for Home?

In partnership with our friends at Outback Academy Australia (OAA), we have created a trio of brilliant coffees that you will just love to wake up to.

Proceeds from OAA coffee sales go towards regenerating Country and community through education, horticulture, and agriculture.

Who is Outback Academy Australia?

Outback Academy Australia is a majority First Nations-led business movement focused on accelerating economic freedom, employment, and wellbeing for First Nations Australians.

Wells Trenfield and Sean McGowen, spent significant time with OAA during their foundation years. They discussed global trade and the Fairtrade system, helping OAA design sustainable and cooperative business models based on the Fairtrade ethos.

OAA has since created a system to work on the ground with Aboriginal farmers, building capacity and capabilities for what they call an “alliance-based” and scaled-up agricultural and horticultural regenerative farming business.

Watch this short video to find out more about OAA’s impactful work.


The OAA range offers three unique Fairtrade organic coffee blends, each with its own unique character:


  1. River Blend - Winner of the “best in category: organic coffee 2023” at the Royal Adelaide Coffee Show. This coffee is full of sweet creamy caramel notes and a smooth butter finish. It makes a well-rounded latte or smooth espresso.
  2. Land Blend - Known for its strength and rich earthy character, with hazelnut in the middle and a bold chocolate finish. Perfect for lattes and flat whites.
  3. Red Dust Blend - A blend designed to honor OAA and the Red Dust Heelers. This coffee has a zesty fruity front with an earthy malt finish, making it perfect for a French press or plunger.

Wells originally designed the blend “Red Dust” as a coffee to honour OAA and the Red Dust Heelers. This blend is part of the brand owned by Outback Academy and money from sales of Red Dust Coffee go back to both OAA and to the Red Dust Heelers to help them with their important work.

River and Land blends both came after, Wells dreamed up this set of coffees to complement each other for OAA. Each coffee has with it’s own unique character.

Support Indigenous Australians with every sip

Proceeds from our Red Dust coffee sales support the Red Dust Heelers, an incredible wheelchair basketball team. This team, part of the NWBL (National Wheelchair Basketball League), inspires young Australians across the country. The OAA Red Dust team is passionate about creating a more inclusive and fair society for all.

1 in 2 members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community experience disability, compared to 1 in 5 in the broader community. The Red Dust Heelers are making a significant impact in promoting inclusivity.

Check out the Red Dust Heelers on

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/reddustheelers/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/reddustheelers/


Savour award winning coffee for home and make a difference in peoples lives

Enjoy award winning coffee for home with the OAA specialty Fairtrade blends, and support Indigenous Australians with each sip. From the rich, nutty Land blend to the award-winning River blend and the unique Red Dust blend, there’s a coffee for everyone. Celebrate sustainable practices and make a positive impact on the community.

Learn more about Outback Academy Australia and the incredible work they do here.

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- Jasper Parker Trenfield


Outback Academy Speciality Fairtrade Coffee Blends

    You can get all three great coffees together as a tasting bundle for $34.50 on the Jasper Coffee website - Coffee Bundle