Celebrating our award for Best Organic Coffee 2024!

28 April, 2024 3 min read


👑 Juliet has taken home the Champion Trophy for Best Organic Coffee at the Royal Adelaide Coffee Show 👑

☀️ We absolutely love Juliet, and we are glad the judges do too! ☀️


A sweet smooth buttery cocoa coffee full to the brim with specialty single origin Fairtrade organic beans, this coffee does not disappoint. 

Last Friday, Abdul (Responsible for our coffee roasting) and myself went on an adventure to Adelaide...

With a bright early morning start we headed off to the airport. High hopes and dreams for our coffees at the Royal Adelaide Coffee Show's roasting competition.

Together we wound our way through the streets, to the brilliant gates of the Royal Adelaide Show.

After a slice of pineapple and a chat with some friendly coffee roasters from Perth, Abdul ventured over to the cafe to find our coffee in the hoppers as one of three choices. A good sign?


The mic crackled, with a “Hello everyone. Welcome to the Royal Adelaide Coffee Show!” Bringing heads in the room around to attention.

Several trophies sat clear in sight lined up along the front table. After a brief introduction and thanking of sponsors, it was on to awards.

One trophy for espresso.
One trophy for latte.
One trophy for plunger.
One trophy for piccolo.
But none of them coming up Jasper Coffee.

Very tired from two hours sleep (thanks to my son Felix), with the early flight I was slightly disoriented and started to worry, when...

“And the final award, for best organic coffee…”

Ahhh here we go!

“Jasper Coffee, with their Juliet blend!”

The crowed (well mainly me) cheered as Abdul marched up to collect the trophy with a massive smile! We did it!
A photo with all of the other winners, and some happy hands holding trophies together.

What a great end to the week.

It was a brilliant day for all, we could not be more proud of our team and proud to have the joyful Juliet blend coming home with the Champion trophy for Best Organic Coffee!

Abdul, Tong and Jeremy (Jasper Coffee's roasting and QA team) do an incredible job of drawing out the depth and character of each coffee, ensuring that we serve only the most delicious single origins and blends.

After all, it only makes sense that the best organic coffee is roasted in Melbourne :)



The Royal Adelaide Coffee Show is dedicated to finding the very best of Australian coffee roasting.

As part of the Royal Adelaide Show and in association with the Royal Adelaide Wine show (Australia's most prestigious wine show) they take judging very seriously.

Last year our partners at Outback Academy won the best organic coffee award for their River Blend, which we co-created with them and proudly roast.

This year our Juliet blend won the champion trophy for best organic coffee, so that's two years in a row our coffee roasting has won... Amazing!




A fitting name for a coffee so resonant with passion and endurance. Ever since Juliet made her way into our morning plungers, we knew she was here to stay.

With a blend of top single origins including Ethiopia, Niugini, Mexico and Honduras – you could say that she won the origin jackpot.

A delicious, well-rounded flavour reminiscent of warm butter and cocoa, make way for your new staple.

Now an award winning coffee, you can't beat it for a Saturday morning treat!


Want to wake up to award winning Fairtrade organic coffee? Get yours here:



Thank you to all of our team at Jasper Coffee, we are a passionate bunch that is very proud of our coffees!

Thank you to all of our coffee growers from Ethiopia, Niugini, Mexico and Honduras that contribute to Juliet.

Thank you to Fairtrade Australian New Zealand for continually supporting coffee growers and producers.

Thank you so much to the Royal Adelaide Show, Cafetto, Complete Cafe Services and ACTA (Australian Coffee Traders Association) for making the competition possible.

Thank you to Bennetts Coffee for our long standing relationship that runs deep, bringing us closer to coffee growers and supporting us to import exceptional green coffee year after year.



Jasper Parker Trenfield