Sea Shepherd

Jasper Coffee launched into the Anti-Whaling Campaign of Sea Shepherd in 2010. Their courageous efforts have been to take on the Japanese illegal Whaling Fleet in the Antarctic waters, leaving each year from Melbourne and New Zealand.

We rushed to support the campaign by providing the caffeine fuel needed by the crew, to cut the wakening hours through the storms. With Sea Shepherd efforts to raise awareness and take action to protect and conserve our oceans and sustain the lives of endangered whales and fish within, this demanded that we supply only Fairtrade Organic beans, sugar, cocoa and Goodwill.

Each year since, Jasper Coffee has sponsored the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker vessels with enough caffeine to keep them AHOY through the bleakest of forays and the celebrations of success.

We are on board and bountiful with beans in our enthusiastic support for these brave pirates, who leave our relative safe ports and fight our good fight in the tumult and turbulence of the great Antartic seas.

Sea Shepherd….We Salute You !

To read more about the success of their latest Operations Icefish Campaign, go to;

…and not a bean was spilled !