Havana, Cuba

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Never will we forget the experience of visiting Cuba in 2013.

The resilience, resourcefulness and determination of the proud, vibrant Cuban people was a joy to behold.

This origin coffee has become increasingly harder to source in recent years due to major weather events decimating the coffee crops.

Despite this, interest and demand has not waned and still today the Japanese are the largest buyers.

However if President Obama continues to drive cultural change in economic relations with Cuba, this origin will no doubt become a favourite of the Gourmet Coffee Industry in the USA, which will only serve to increase its rarity going forward.

In 2015, devastatingly, the crop was destroyed by the fungus disease La Roya. The result is that no beans are being exported from the new season crop. This also ensures that next crop will indeed be very precious.

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Cuban Star
Cuban Star
Cuban Star

Cuban Star

Smokey | Tobacco | Chocolate

A rich, robust cup of coffee with smokey notes

It's Cuba in a cup. Imagine yourself on a balcony overlooking Old Havana sipping this delicious coffee.

More about Cuban Star

This is a good all rounder with great character, clean body and smoothness – the most exemplary thing about this coffee is its ability to carry its plum sweet tobacco body through milk. Because of its length and depth, it makes a great single origin espresso.

Building our favourite Espresso Blend – the Mecca of the Mocha – the Memory of Melbourne – the Classic Caffeine in the Cup.

All blends at Jasper, are conceived as an idea, then the long haul of structuring the ratios of Single Origin flavours thrust headlong to meet and sustain the original need. We spent a long time developing this blend of dynamic Arabica beans from Ethiopia, India, Sumatra, New Guinea and Brasil. We have created a wonderful classic coffee

  • Espresso dose: 21 grams
  • Extraction: 38 grams
  • Time: 30 Seconds
  • Temp: 94 degrees
  • Filter Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17
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About the origin

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Sierra Maestra mountain range


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Growing practices & quality control

In Cuba, the Government controls the production and sales of all the coffee grown. There is a sole quality control person for all the export coffee in Cuba. His role is to cup all coffees from each of the 4 main growing areas and calibrate them. Except for Crystal Mountain, all coffee from the other 3 regions are cross blended after sorting for defect and screen size, but not necessarily taste.

All coffee is organically grown without certification and all residue water cleaned in settling ponds prior to ground water release. Trees are Typica, Catui and Bourbon.

This is a good all-rounder with great character, clean body and smoothness – the most exemplary thing about this coffee is its ability to carry its plum sweet tobacco body through milk, which because of its length and depth, means it makes a great single origin espresso.

The local colour

Our trip was filled with great coffee, wonderful people and beautiful vivid colours. Throughout the Cuban culture there are varying hues and textures the give the country it's distinctive and vibrant flare.