Colombia Anei

Caramel | Almond | Vanilla

Delicate and clean, sweet and delicious

Acidic front with an almond caramel finish

Captivating Colombian

  • Region: Santa Marta, Sierra de Nevada

    Altitude: 1,000 – 1600m

    Varietal: Typica, Caturra

    Process: Dry ferment process fully washed

  • Merilyn and Wells had the honor of being invited to the Anei villiage back in 2018 where they spent time with Aurora and her son Jorge. A truly humbling trip to origin.

    In the 16th Century Jesuit missionaries brought coffee plants to the volcanic soils of the Colombian Andean slopes. Now in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Anei indigenous tribes, grow this mild Arabica coffee in sustainable environments at high altitudes. This association of small farmer producers, was founded in 1996 with the purpose of structuring organic farming programs, while preserving the indigenous culture and environment.

    Through Fairtrade and conservation of natural resources, they have improved their living conditions and ancestral heritage. They asked Mother Nature permission to harvest, now it’s yours to enjoy

    • Espresso dose: 21 grams
    • Filter/plunger dose: 50 grams
    • Time: 30 Seconds
    • Temp: 90 degrees
    • Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17