Ethiopia Sidamo

Apricot | Jammy | Shortbread

All hail for the mighty Ethiopian Sidamo! Showcasing one of Africa's best exports, Sidamo is an all time favourite all rounder in the Jasper Coffee Family

  • Region: Sidamo

    Harvest: September – December

    Varietal: Typica and Heirloom Guji

    Process: Fully Washed

  • This Oromia Fairtrade Coop coffee is shade-grown, organic and bird-friendly. The coffee bushes are interspersed with plants such as cardamom, ginger, along with fruits such as mangoes and avocados and root crops such as sweet potatoes, whilst acacias and oaks provide shade. The fallen leaves, decaying plant matter and animal manure, enriches the soil, producing a higher quality coffee crop. Essentially it means a diverse and sustainable environment is supported.

    This coffee has won every trophy award possible in Ethiopia along with top origin award at 2013 SCAA.

    This is truly an amazing coffee that anyone can celebrate in any cup across teh world

    • Espresso dose: 21 grams
    • Extraction: 42 grams
    • Time: 30 Seconds
    • Temp: 90 degrees
    • Filter Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17