An Open Letter to Our Jasper Community

23 March, 2022 3 min read

Dear Valued Customer,

The year 2017 BC (before Covid) was memorable, because it was the last time Jasper Coffee had a price increase. Since that time, until the last 6 months, World green bean prices have been static and the lowest in maybe 15 years, such that growers have struggled to retain a living wage.

Indeed the price crisis was on such a scale of decimation for so many producers, in 2018 I attended a summit which was convened by SCA(Specialty Coffee Association) to workshop the dire situation and arrive with a plan to rectify that problem. This forum over 4 sessions in 3 countries, including growers, exporters, importers, agronomists, Climate Specialists, roasters, NGO’s and many more people involved in the Coffee Industry Worldwide. The conclusion was that growers were simply not sharing the financial values of coffee and many solutions and recommendations were mooted.

Jasper Coffee is very conscious of the plight of coffee producers and the onslaught of Climate Change. Agronomists in coffee have already predicted that we will produce approx. 50% less coffee by 2050, while consuming more than we try to grow. This equation has eventuated by 2021.

In 2020, we witnessed devastating hurricanes in Honduras and a drought in Brazil’s coffee growing regions in 2021. This was followed by two of Brazil’s worst frosts, all of which destroyed approximately 30% of their crop. Dead coffee trees!

Brazil coffee crop and pricing dictates World markets, so with shortage of coffee in world warehouses, the price of green coffee has increased by 60- 100% in a few short months. This situation is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

This is exacerbated by the Pandemic problems. As we all know too well in our own businesses, shortage of staff who have all been in lockdown or recovery from Covid, let alone finding customers, has had a huge impact on our ability to keep trading.

 Likewise in the producer countries, like Colombia or India, where there have been no transport drivers, labourers, harvesters, or document signers, just to move the fresh coffee to mills and export, we are all paying higher prices to get these economies moving.

So too have prices increased for shipping and containers. If you can find a ship or a container…while the delays across the shipping routes is well documented. This all has impacted price increases for so many commodities, including coffee.

As everyone knows, almost all business costs have risen, including freight, energy, packaging, waste removal, and equipment. 

Jasper Coffee has not been able to avoid this situation. In keeping with our purchasing strategy, while we have had long stock levels in warehouse to keep roasting till recent months, this has now been depleted. We now have been buying stock for many months, at new increased prices. 

So that we remain sustainable and able to continue providing the expected quality we supply to you and your customers, Jasper Coffee must pass these new costs onto the market

We have worked hard to peg our price increases to a workable minimum in order to remain competitive with quality and service. Some coffees have increased more than others, while we have chosen to hold some prices static.

It is important to understand you are not alone with this price increase and that you will remain competitive with these new prices.

Jasper Coffee still has the most extensive range of quality arabica coffees for your choice. Our expansive range of Fairtrade and Organic Certified coffees remain intact, while we underpin our integrity with B Corp Certification since 2015. Of course, you are reassured of our sustainability with our 100% Carbon Neutral Certification since 2009. 

As always, we are here to partner with you and help sustain your business. As a conduit between growers and consumers, Jasper Coffee looks forward to an ongoing successful business partnership.

For enquiries about our new pricing structure, either please call our Customer Service staff on (03)9416 1960, or email for a pricelist of our new prices, effective 4th April 2022.  


Wells Trenfield

Director, Jasper Coffee