Wet Chai Masala

Honey | Cardamom | Warming

Aromatics to awaken the senses. This Specialty Chai is full of delicious spices, coconut and honey.

  • Specialty Chai tea, was crafted with the professional or home barista in mind. With 30 second brew infusion time, easy storage and limited steeping time, this Chai gives delicious cup after cup for conversations lasting well into the night.

  • 1. Add 20g/3tbsp of Tea & Spice Handcrafted 'Wet' Chai blend to a jug

    2. Add exactly 50ml hot water to the blend and steep for 30 seconds

    3. Texture 150ml of milk (soy recommended) to 68 degrees Celsius, then pour into the steeping chai blend

    4. Briefly stir the jug, then strain the chai into a glass

    5. Lightly sprinkle cinnamon Dusting Powder, then enjoy!