Galapagos Islands San Cristobal


$17.50 per 125g

This coffee kept secret of heirloom Bourbon is juicy plum sweet with nutty notes of pecan. The Evolution of Taste !

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This equatorial group of islands produce exceptional coffee at very low altitude only because the Humboldt current brings cool sea breezes daily, which reduces daily temperatures equivalent to higher altitudes of 1300mt elevation. These cool breezes enable the cherry to ripen slowly and develop their unique gentle flavour profile.

With rich nutrients brought in by the breeze, combining with rich volcanic soils and cool spring water from the El Junco crater lake, the coffee has elevated sweetness, very unique to the Bourbon varietal and the microclimate of the island conditions.

This unique coffee is strictly limited to export quantity of 5,000bags. Jasper Coffee has the only 2 bags available in Australia.

The trees are Shade Grown and Certified Bird Friendly by Smithsonian Institute, and the plantation carries UNESCO Certification for Patrimony of Humanity, which indicates it is a sustainable resource for the islanders. The Coffee is Organic, by virtue that the Ecuador Government banned pesticides and agrochemicals. All coffee pulp is composted and returned to the soil. The coffee is companion planted among avocados, guavas, oranges and cedars, which provides biodiversity for protection of indigenous song birds.

The unique isolation and biodiversity of the islands, was a key trigger of knowledge informing Charles Darwin with vital analysis to form his world changing theory of the Origin of Species.

Well done Charley….we love your coffee !


  • Altitude; 150-300mt (Melbourne is 31mt)
  • Varietal; Heirloom Bourbon originally from Cuba and Haiti via Panama.
  • Soil; Volcanic
  • Original planting, 1875
  • Process; Fully Washed and sun dried