Blood Orange | Peaches | Chocoalte

Colombia El Casio

Available in espresso roast roast.

Delicious juicy body of blood orange & yellow peaches, balanced with a dark chocolate finish. 

** Filter roast sold out **

  • Producer: Jose Martinez

  • Region: Huila, Colombia

  • Process Method: Fully Washed, and dried on house-type covered patios

    We roast all of our coffees as 'Espresso Roast', so if you already love Jasper, stick to what you know and enjoy, and choose espresso roast.  You will get a rich, dark, more dense coffee experience, that works very well with milk.  

    If you're after something a little different, try our new ‘Filter Roast’ which brings out this exquisite coffee's clean, juicy, citrus, orange goodness. This roast has a high acidity, which brings out the orange notes, balanced by roasted walnuts & chocolate. Best drunk as a black filter coffee.  

    Jose Martinez was born & raised on a coffee farm in a traditional coffee-growing family. From his parents, he learned everything about coffee, from taking care of the trees to good post-harvesting practices. When he was 16, he decided to leave home & ended up working as a bus driver, where for more than a decade, he was able to travel throughout the entire country. One day, he decided to return home, looking for a more stable life. He bought his father’s old farm to start pursuing a new path, & follow in his father’s steps.
    José Martinez has become a farmer like no other. He is passionate, innovative, & always looking for opportunities & advice to become better & to improve his quality. He keeps his trees healthy & very well pruned, he measures his fermentation process to determine the correct endpoint for each fermentation & has achieved the perfect balance of flavours.
    In 2014, José Martinez had a very small 4x8 drying infrastructure - since then, he has been able to enlarge his drying patios & improve the infrastructure. José’s life has completely transformed since he started producing specialty coffee. The extra income that he receives has changed his mindset & his perspective on coffee. He now takes better care of every single step of the process.
    PINK BOURBON is a new varietal (type of coffee tree), which carries quite an interesting taste profile, as well as historical roots. This varietal tastes like a combination of Colombian & Ethiopian coffee – which is why this coffee is so sweet & fruity. Pink Bourbon is a hybrid & there is Bourbon in it, but there’s also definitely some of the Colombia variety, which is derived from a hybrid of Catimor, Caturra, & other varietals.

    It’s another type of tree (varietal). The leaves are smooth & elongated, & the cherries are also elongated in a similar way to Typica fruit. The main visible difference between Geisha & Typica is that the former has an umbrella shape or flat top, whereas Typica has a conical shape. Ripe Geisha/Gesha cherries taste totally different from those of other varieties. They have citrus notes, sweetness, & a jasmine-like floral element.