Australia's first 100% plastic free take-away coffee cup & lid

Helping keep 1 billion single-use coffee cups from Australian landfill

The sustainable option for your takeaway coffees

Fully recyclable, you can put the cup and lid into any standard recycling bin. It’s even compostable and biodegrades in home compost and professional composting facilities (Composting standard EN 13432)

“We are conscious of the fragile thin layer of soil we have on our continent and the need to keep it healthy to provide healthy food for healthy people.

We consciously consider the quality of soil, air, water and viability of people in our business ”

Wells Trenfield, Founder

Zero plastic lid - tastes good, feels great

The entire cup is made with a patented cardboard with water-based dispersion coating.
This inner layer stops liquid getting through without changing the taste of the coffee!

A whole new level of reusable

Specially designed to be recycled along with normal paper and cardboard waste up to 7 times before eventually making its way to landfill.

In stark comparison to coffee cups lined with PE, our 100% plastic free cup and lid will decompose in domestic and industrial facilities over just 105 days.

Using a plastic free cup

Because it’s fully organic it works a little differently.

Pop it in a recycling bin when you're done.

Don't leave it sitting around for days with coffee in it - it'll break down and cause a mess!

Microwaving speeds up the break down process so coffee will go all over your microwave.

Ask your favourite cafe if they'd like to make the move to stock Jasper Coffee!

Our commitment to sustainability

The introduction of the plastic free coffee cup is a natural progression in our sustainable journey.

We have advanced fairtrade, organic coffees, and produced compostable packaging, became Carbon Neutral and embedded governance of the ethics of running our business by being certified B Corp.

This is why we have waited till compostable capsule material was available, and why we are the first to release the plastic free cups and lids.

"Finally, also the lid not made of plastic but cardboard!" - Georg Zielke

Thanks @georgzielkedesign

Sustainably made by world leaders

Over the last 25 years we’ve built partnerships with world leaders in sustainable manufacturing.
Together we partnered on bringing this innovative new product to Australia.

ISLA Board, manufacturer

Biodegradable cup manufacturer

Australian paper distributor

Globally certified

Forest Stewardship Council, certification of forest management. This certification compliance indicates the environmental standard of the source material of the cups.

A certification which indicates that this product meets environmental requirements to strict Scandinavian standards and is compliant for use by Kotkamills ISLA Board from which the plastic free cups are made. 

Program for endorsement of forest certification, a global alliance of forest certifications. This certification compliance indicates the environmental standard of the source material of the cups.

Experience the cup in Jasper stores today

Launching in 8 coffee shops across Victoria and Queensland, try them in our cafes today and select cafes who stock Jasper Coffee.

Chadstone Flagship

1341 Dandenong Road
Chadstone, VIC, 3148

Highpoint Store

200 Rosamund Road,
Maribyrnong, VIC, 3032

Brunswick St Fitzroy

267 Brunswick St,
Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

Prahran Market

163 Commercial Rd,
South Yarra, VIC, 3141

We hope this is a big step in reducing the 2.7 million disposable coffee cups going to Australian landfills every day.