About Certified Organic

Certified Organic coffee means no inorganic chemicals or pesticides are used in producing the coffee.

The strict standards of the Australian Certified Organic system go further, demanding no chemicals are used in the ENTIRE supply chain, including roasting and handling here in Australia. This assures you there is no cross contamination with non-organic products. Our Roasting Plant is compliant and Certified with Australian Certified Organic(ACO).

Look for a certification logo. If the product is roasted or packed here in Australia, look for an Australian Certification ID, as your guarantee. Our coffees, sugar, drinking chocolate, espresso cleaning powder, are certified by Australian Certified Organic (bud logo) and this system is administered by the Biological Farmers Association www.bfa.org.au.

Fairtrade farmers in Honduras, prepare compost and use forest fungus mixed with manure fermented in water, to use as a fungicide, to retain their Organic Certification, in their battle against La Roya disease.

Our Processor ID number is 10030.