Vintage Darjeeling

Elegant | Clean | Delicate

This black loose leaf tea is the Jewel of Indian Teas. Distinctive for its Elegant, clean Body & Delicate Dry Finish.

  • “Darjeeling, Darlings, The Champagne of Teas”. “Ahhhh” he sipped, as the sun sank slowly into the purple night. “ Tibetan, for Place of Thunderbolts” she snapped back, Eyes Ablaze. “Actually, it’s Puttabong!” she snorted. The Trek to Darjeeling had taken its toll on Darling.

    Trent Tumbleweed had triumphed again.

    The Darjeeling (Tibetan for Place of Thunderbolts) province is famous for producing its high quality black tea with an Exquisite Bouquet. On the South Facing slopes of the Himalayan foot hills, at altitudes of 1000 to 2140 metres, the Tea bushes thrive in the Hot Monsoonal Climate.

    Throughout the Tea World, Darjeeling is truly considered the Champagne of Teas.