Sumatra Lintong

Peppery | Volcanic | Berry

This is an elegant bodied coffee with pronounced spiced sweet pepper, fine Pinot Noir and berry flavours.

  • Region : District of Lintongnihuta

    Altitude : 1200 – 1500m

    Varietal : Typica

    Process : Traditional wet hulled method

  • Exceptional as an intense spicy sweet espresso or complex elegant long black, this is coffee taste that matters. We also love this in the plunger which elevates the body and some smoky finish…must be the volcano.

    We push the roast well into second crack to find the complexity of flavours. Along with the luscious experience of this single origin character, this bean also beckons to be blended to add unexpected pitches on the palate. The big open bean can easily be scorched but attention to its roasting profile, rewards distinction in the cup.

    • Espresso dose: 21-24 grams
    • Extraction: 33-38 grams
    • Time: 30 Seconds
    • Temp: 94 degrees
    • Filter Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17