Wacaco NanoPresso Portable Espresso Machine

$110.00 per 1

Nanopresso is the perfect portable espresso machine. Compact, lightweight and versatile, it is the perfect 'On the Go' travel companion. All you need is water, coffee and a little bit of muscle, and you'll be making delicious espresso in next to no time.

The NanoPresso is completely hand powered by a semi-automatic piston that is pressed several times over a period of thirty seconds to produce a shot of espresso at an average pressure of 8 bars. There’s no need for electricity or batteries!  This nifty little coffee machine allows you to use any coffee of your choosing, not limiting you to pods. Your new NanoPresso comes with a built-in scoop, tamp and espresso cup.  It’s the lightest and smallest espresso coffee maker of its kind!