India Kelagur Heights Estate


$21.00 per 250g

Start with a winey chardonnay, then buttery body of cocoa & stewed peach laced with hints of cinnamon. Whisky à Go Go !

The Indian Kelagur Heights Estate in the Manjarabad Region on the Western Ghats, continues to explore new possibilities with their agronomy and processing, pushing boundaries with taste and obsession for quality experiences in our cup.

Over the years we have received and experienced some memorable microlot washed and honey processed coffees….and here we go again.

This is a spirited Microlot stuffed into Indian Armuth Whisky barrels after parchment drying of the experimental washed Arabica lots.

This crop comes from trees grown from Selections from the Central Coffee Research Institute, with selective picking and fully washed process. The beans are dried to 10% moisture for consistency, then matured in the barrels for 45 days, absorbing the barrel humidity and nuanced tastes of the whisky residue.

In our cupping we were torn between the winey characters of luscious Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. You may find your own spirit of adventure here.

With Climate Change ever on the minds of producers, sustainability is emphasised in the production at Kelagur Heights. Here they compost their organic products back to the soil for replenishment. They are fortunate to have fourteen local springs on the property to facilitate fresh clean water in the processing. The coffee trees are grown under Shade Grown canopy interspersed with Arecanut, Cardamom, Vanilla and Black Pepper. With over 400 employees their priority is about people. This manifests in the provision of on- site housing, a hospital , creches for the young, two junior schools and workplace culture that encourages community and caring.

So, sip and sip again, this odd offering of something very special from the bottom of the barrel.

REGION: Chikmagular District

ALTITUDE: 915 – 1220mt

SIZE: 120 hectares

PROCESS: Fully Washed

VARIETAL: Selections 6, 8 and 795 Central Coffee Research Institute