India Grange Estate


$14.50 per 250g

This is an heirloom beauty which boasts cinnamon hints over roasted hazelnut and soft creamy milk chocolate body.

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In 1820, Mr M.D. Cockburn put up a small hut on what is now known as the Grange Estate. He is credited with introducing coffee from Africa to Grange Estate in 1825. He also introduced apples, pears, loquats and other fruits from South Africa. Today, the Grange Estate coffee plantation is around 3400 acres and owned by three brothers.

The Grange Estate is located in the Shevaroys, a very scenic and popular tourist area of India. The hills are a great place for trekking and wildlife observation. The Shevaroys are a hill range situated in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, surrounded on all sides by hot plains. It is the largest mountain in the district. The mountain is inhabited mainly by the Malaiyalis (hill tribes), and 67 tribal villages can be found on the hill slopes. The Shevaroys is an outlier of Eastern Ghats, lying between the Mallapuram Ghat and the Manjavadi valley.

The coffee is still growing under shade grown canopy of sandalwood, teak and silveroak, on original plant stock. While this reduces crop volume, this Bourbon varietal stock character is now mellowed and distinct…and unique to Jasper Coffee.

Since 2012, we have bought the whole crop from Grange Estate…just to share this heavenly heirloom!

Region : Tamil Nadu Shevaroy Hills

Altitude : 1500 – 1700mt

Varietal : Bourbon

Process : Washed sundried