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$21.00 per 125g

Low acid, big buttery body with a smokey nuances of grilled nectarine and honey on a bed of warm spice and earthy overtones, reflecting the lava flow on which it grows.

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Mountain Thunder Kona Plantation erupts from the tranquillity of song birds and Chinese geese, with the highest grown Organic coffee in Hawaii. Set between two active volcanoes, the lush 21 acres of coffee trees are nestled in Paradise under the hapu’u ferns and ohia trees of the Kaloko Cloud Forest Region.  

Established in 1998 by Trent Bateman, this family owned and operated business, is blessed by rich volcanic soil, a mild climate, light winds ample summer rains with elevation enough to capture the daily afternoon onshore misty winds. In this perfect environment, the coffee cherries develop more slowly, developing high sugar compounds and large size succulent beans. Besides this idyllic environment, the coffee is exceptional in distinct origin characteristics.

Hawaii Kona coffee has always been in high demand from coffee connoisseurs.  It is highly valued for this uniqueness of flavour which results from these idyllic tropical conditions and rich volcanic soils.  This, coupled with small production means this coffee is in very limited supply.  The Kona region itself is very strictly defined and limited to a land belt, 2 miles wide and 22 miles long.  Only Kona Coffee produced in this area can bear the 100% Kona seal of approval. 

Rarely does Kona coffee become available in Australia, particularly one that has received so many well respected awards including 2012 and 2013 Golden Bean award winner (international competition) and many more. This, along with Australian Grown coffees, is the only coffee grown in a 1st World economy, which comes complete with 1st World coffee prices.

Wells himself has been overheard saying ”it’s tough when the soft tropical waters are lapping at your toes as you sip your first Kona of the day!”

So, Aloha… again we welcome this amazing coffee into the Jasper Cup for your customers to dip into this warm bowl of brown Paradise …and hope it is not just the spilled warm drop that is lapping at your toes !

A Kona A Day makes the palm trees sway!

As a footnote, the Mountain Thunder Plantation has just been declared Bankrupt, amid great controversy in Paradise. This may mean that we have to burden ourselves with the slow boat to Hawaii to research our next Bean of Baradise.

Region: Kaloko Cloud Forest

Altitude: 2,500 feet above sea level

Soils: Lava Rock

Process Method: Fully Washed

Grade: Fancy