Hario Cold Filter in a Bottle

$54.95 per 1

The Hario Cold Brew in a Bottle is a cold brewing device like never before. It's so simple to use, and it brews a rich and refreshing cold brew concentrate that features a low acidity and low bitterness properties

To make cold brew concentrate, simply immerse the mesh infuser filled with coarsely ground coffee into the carafe of cold water. In eight to fifteen hours, you’ll have your own batch of cold brew concentrate.

Dilute your concentrate with cold water, hot water, milk, or any other liquid you wish. Thanks to the low acidity and bitterness, it’ll go with just about anything!

The Hario Cold Brew In A Bottle’s 750ml carafe is made from glass, which is heat proof and shatter proof. The sealing silicone lid allows you to lay the bottle on its side in the fridge during brewing or storage and makes no-spill traveling a breeze. The lid can also be opened at the very top for easy pouring. 

Rain, hail, snow or sunshine, We LOVE this product!