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Guatemala San Antonio


$17.50 per 250g

Sweet ripe mango & pineapple jam, golden syrup body, elegant floral finish. Guatemala Gorgeous !

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The San Antonio Farm has been owned by the El Cid family for more than 100 years.  The farm lies in the fertile mountains of Central Guatemala.   Coffee is planted over 90 hectares, growing in the shade of native trees.  In fact, 98% of coffee grown in Guatemala is shade grown.  All of the work on the farm is carried out by hand with meticulous attention to detail.
No chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used which tends to be far more labour intensive than conventional farming methods.  The farm produces its own organic fertilisers using worm farms, left over coffee pulp, leaves, remnants from pruning, cow dung etc.   This organic status is even more impressive in Guatemala, given that leaf rust has affected 70-80% of production across the country.  A single spot of rust on a leaf is able to spark an additional 4-6 generations of spores over a 3-5 month period.  This means that if the rust isn’t controlled, hundreds and thousands of spores can be released at a time.  Of course it would be easier to control such a problem with chemicals however this exceptional coffee can be respected even more so by the ongoing commitment to organic methods.  All of the work here is done with love and passion and we certainly think this is reflected in the cup.

  •  Region:  Municipal ity of Santa Elena Barillas
  •  Altitude:  13 00 to 1650 metersabove sea level 
  •  Soils:  Rich Volcanic Soil
  •  Process Method:  Washed
  •  Best temperature through Espresso Machine:  89 degrees