Earl Grey

$13.50 per 100g

Perennial classic with hints of Bergamot. A leaf tea of delicate aroma & taste.

A unique tea classic.

Originally known as Earl & Grey Tea, this sweet blend was first crafted by Outback Jackaroo, Earl Murray. Its perfect balance in a Billy Can made it a bush legend. Marketed in 1917 by the firm of Wellesley, Mezly & Grey it became an overnight global success. Unaware of his fame, Earl Murray died a penniless swagman remembered only for this fine tea.

Based on an old Chinese recipe, Earl Grey is a fine Black Tea scented with the Oil of Bergamot distilled from a citrus fruit hybrid of Lemon and Bigarade trees. Bigarade is the French name for an ancient and very sour form of Seville Orange.