Burundi Butegana


$16.00 per 250g

Succulent sweet pear, with lashings of cantaloupe & black tea.

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Burundi is one of the smallest coffee growing countries in the World. The country was torn apart by the seeming endless Civil War over several decades. Despite this chaos, coffee remains one of the most important trading commodities within the economy. During the Civil Wars, there was Genocide of approx. 450 thousand people and production and quality suffered accordingly.

At the end of the war in 2005, the country was left with poor infrastructure in agriculture and a ravaged environment. The Government started to sell the 160 washing stations and the farmers are able to sell direct to export buyers. This has facilitated better standards of production and quality of cherry and in turn, higher prices for growers.

Butegana Washing station was one of the first to be built in Burundi. It is located in Kayanza Commune in the North of the country at altitude of 1650mt.During the war, Rwanda and Burundi troops fought against each other and this is how the region got its name, Butegana means “place of attack”.

This washing station collects cherry from approx. 3,700 farmers spread over 24 neighbouring hills.
This elegant coffee should be respected for all the decades of trauma in just getting it to our lips.

Coffee for a Queen... just another Dream !

Altitude; 1650mt
Varietal; Red Bourbon
Process; Fully Washed African beds sundried.