Blend Eight

Dark | Dense | Brooding

Dark, dense and brooding......

For those who like their brew complex and strong!

  • Deep and complex, this coffee is expertly made up of 8 different single origins, to give you the strength you need.

    With coffees from India, Africa, Sumatra and Sulawesi, there is no other quite like it.

  • Coffee is about journeys and vivid experiences… a sense of place. Dense Dark and Brooding is how we like to describe this coffee, not unlike Wells’s fond memories captured in his pastel works of the rugged West Coast Tasmanian landscape. It rained torrentially the entire January, his boots dissolved in the button grass and the water was beard deep as he and friend Erland waded through the surging creeks. It was only the Rich Strong Blend #8 coffee bond at the end of the tent that kept them going.

    This same spirit of Exploration, Adventure and Obsession finds its way into every cup of Jasper Coffee


    • Espresso dose: 21 grams
    • Extraction: 33 grams
    • Time: 30 Seconds
    • Temp: 94 degrees
    • Filter Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17