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Hama Cooperative, Ethiopia

When first approached by World Vision to partner with them on this project we liked the idea. Once we had tasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Hama, we LOVED it! 

What a pleasure to be able to partner with World Vision in Ethiopia. Together, we have manifested real support for these producers and their families. With our project, we have contributed support to rebuild their coffee community which in turn has enabled Jasper Coffee to present to Australia, from the birthplace of coffee, one of the most beautiful coffees we have tasted.

A percentage of our profits from sales of this coffee has returned directly back to the World Vision project at Kochore in Yirgacheffe. Since 2007, Jasper Coffee has contributed more than $92,000 to this project. The success of this partnership is seen in the strength and focus of the remote community to work together to change their lives, and deliver their brilliant coffee to the international market.

About the region

Region       Kochore

Country     ETHIOPIA

Varietal      Local and heirloom varietals

Full Description

Since the beginning of World Vision’s Area Development Program, and since selling their coffee as Fairtade and Organic on the International Market, the Yirgacheffe Hama Coop has:

  • Set up model farms to train other cooperative members on organic production and farming methods.
  • Cultivated quality coffee seedlings in on-farm nurseries to replace old trees and increase productivity.
  • Through World Vision provided skills in marketing, management and equipment maintenance.
  • Provided extra income for farmers to save for home improvements and fund children’s healthcare and education through the sale of fruit and vegetables, grown alongside their coffee trees.
  • Invested in a new wet and dry processing mill.
  • Invested in the installation of a new warehouse complete with coffee quality training facilities.
  • Trained staff for this facility in admin and coffee quality.
  • Established a Family Planning Clinic.
  • Implemented an Agronomy report with farmers.
  • Set up a Womens action group with support from the first female Board member.

Fairtrade Premiums have gone towards:

  • Building a bridge for better access.
  • Constructing schools.
  • Building health clinics.
  • New mills.
  • Improved water systems.