Ethiopia Sidamo

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Quilleensoo Mokonisa

This Oromia Fairtrade Co-Op  coffee is shade-grown, organic and bird-friendly. The coffee bushes are interspersed with plants such as cardamom, ginger, fruits such as mangoes, avocados and root crops such as sweet potatoes, whilst acacias and oak trees provide shade. This along with the fallen leaves, decaying plant matter and animal manure, enriches the soil, producing a higher quality coffee crop. Essentially it means a diverse and sustainable multicrop environment is supported.

This coffee has won every trophy award possible in Ethiopia along with the top Origin Coffee award at 2013 SCAA.

This is an amazing coffee. Everyone can celebrate with it, in any brew style in any cup.

About the region

Region      Sidamo

Country    Ethiopia

Harvest     Sep-Dec

Varietal     Typica and Heirloom Guji

Full Description

Ethiopia, is the birthplace of all coffee and coffee alone accounts for half of Ethiopia's export earnings. The Oromia Co-op exports directly to speciality markets bypassing the middlemen and the Ethiopian coffee auctions, therefore achieving a higher price for its coffee. Our Sidamo coffee is grown in mountainous, rainforest areas where electricity and running water are rare. Less than 25% of Ethiopian children complete primary education because farmers cannot afford to pay school fees and buy school uniforms.

Whilst visiting the Cooperatives on many occasions, we have seen first hand how the growers have used the extra social premium they earn from Fairtrade to:

  • Build four primary schools to help farmers keep children in school.
  • Build two health clinics and two clean water pumps.
  • Build and repair residential houses.
  • Purchase livestock for milk and eggs, as a source of on-going income.
  • Install a soap manufacturing plant to complete a hygiene program.
  • Recover seeds from heirloom coffee varietals and return them as seedlings to the forest.