Costa Rica

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As we connect our product with people, so often we give over our coffee title to the name of the person connected with the beans. In this case, Maricella, just 23 years old when we met her in the celebrated valley of Tarrazu, is the young owner of the Finca La Cachimaba, where this luscious coffee grows. As a recent graduate of Agronomy, she is now using her latest knowledge to produce amazing results.

Her thick dense trees are huddled on steep slopes and hang low and heavy with big fat red and yellow Catui fruit. These are the sweet bliss bombs waiting to roll into the wet mill in the dark of night, ready to reveal the complex flavours in our cup.

About the region

Region      Tarrazu

Country    Costa rica

Varietal     Red Catui

Full Description

The Coop Dota is a well organised mill with profound emphasis on quality controls and a recognition to care for the farmers and their precious crop. Coop Dota has sustainability accreditation and comes complete with Carbon Neutral Certification. This is a common link with Jasper Coffee and with Maricella’s beans we now have a double dip at reducing the carbon from the World atmosphere.

Upon inspection, the truck load from La Cachimba Finca, was deemed a Micro Lot soon after it arrived. We decided we must have this coffee in our repertoire and bought it on the spot. The grin on Maricella’s face was as big as the cheque she held in her hand.

As Merilyn and Wells embraced Maricella on that hot Costa night, we accordingly embrace her memory in the very title of this outstanding coffee.