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We can learn a lot from the remarkable Anei people who produce this sensational coffee. The community lives a traditional life in the beautiful region of Santa Marta de Sierra Nevada. Their  belief is that as guardians of the world the Anei, must respect the earth and protect the ecosystems for all peoples of the world.

The Co-operative has developed extensive programs in crop care & production and improved processing techniques, to educate both growers and their children. They are working on particular projects to give women greater skills and control of their own lives.

There are 32 regions that make up the Anei grower map in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the Serrania del Perija district.

They have been working to reinforce their technical support team, which now has 20 members. They have continued training programs on Organic, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade standards, which keeps us updated and strengthens our internal control mechanisms.

They are working towards obtaining a Carbon Neutral certification, in line with their commitment to stop climate change and promote sustainable coffee production.

A very lucky team of Jasper Staff spent hours testing and comparing different brewing methods for this Colombian treat and recommend brewing it through an espresso machine, as filter style coffee or brewed in a plunger. We have found that in an espresso machine, running it at 91 degrees Celsius delivers optimum flavour and crema. 

You will find it silky smooth with spicy notes layered on creamy sweet caramel and soft milk chocolate, just too easy to want more.

On Wells’ recommendation it is a superb drink while eating a banana. Just like the locals do.

About the region

Region      Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Country    Colombia

Varietal      Typica, Caturra

Full Description

Set in the lush northern mountains of Sierra de Nevada in Santa Marta, the people of ANEI Fair-trade Coop have a unique philosophy based on the indigenous and reclusive Mamos culture. The Anei choose to have very limited connection with the contemporary outside World. They guard and maintain the integrity of their rituals and philosophy. Their premise to maintain a unity and balance in the natural world includes their spiritual connection to all the elements including water, wind, land, and especially the order of the sun. Theirs is a Wholistic vision where people are in balance with the Universe. To this end they have an emissary who connects and communicates to the commercial world where they sell their prized coffee, so they as a whole community can remain unscathed by potential degradation of this balance. In their lush abundant jungle retreat they claim to have evidenced the negative impact of climate change and pollution on the soil, their trees and their balance of life.

ANEI means delicious…this is the nature of their coffee.

The families have taken advantage of the Fairtrade premiums and Organic levies to enhance social initiatives for all 4 indigenous groups within the Coop. In the shadegrown indigenous forests they diversify their crops with many foods such as cabbage, tomato, bananas, orange, yam, cucumber, potatoes, fish farming, and wild coriander. With Fairtrade premiums, they have established a bank, built bridges, purchased land, built a warehouse, office and processing plant, and purchased vehicles to secure and control the transport of their coffee. With their Organic practices they have held fast against the agricultural chemical poisoning of their remote environment.

While the Anei have retained their isolation and integrity of their traditional lifestyle, they live in a dangerous threatening environment, which is often under siege from the warring violence of the drug barons and militia whose efforts to bring security and support to these mountain farmers is tenuous..

The essence of their ethics is reflected in the luscious sustainable qualities of their coffee.