Jasper Coffee introduced this fine coffee to Australia in 2005. We had already been supplied by the Penachi Fairtrade Coop, in Peru, yet when we met and understood the needs and social initiative of this project from within the Coop, we immediately contracted our supply to the Café Femeninos.

When our Director, Merilyn Parker visited the Coop in 2005, it was a major event.

“This is the first time that people have come to visit us – we hope you keep coming it is important for our communities to see each other” – Maria Sabino Hernandez Queva, Café Femenino producer.

Merilyn cemented the personal relationship with these producers, which has now been nurtured with regular meetings at SCAA.

In 2007, as a reward, Jasper Coffee sent one of our staff to Peru to meet with the women. She took with her a cheque $5,500 to hand to the women for their use as needed. With the funds, they decided to employ someone to write a submission to the Government, for funding to construct a new fresh water reservoir. The submission was successful. They now have this supply of fresh potable water. With the remaining money, they employed people to construct new water channels to a range of villages.

We have been using these same beans to decaffeinate using Swiss Water Process.

In 2014, Jasper Coffee funded another fresh water project in schools, to enable 2,400 children to have fresh potable water. We also funded construction of a new warehouse.

Every 2 years, we meet with the Café Femenino Foundation members along with Isabel Uriate La Torre, the co founder of Café Femenino, to discuss projects, problems  and progress of their success.

Out of their initiative has come our personal relationship with the amazing women in the Café Femenino project.

WORLD VISION: Hama Cooperative, Yirgacheffe

Because we were so proactive with Fairtrade in the Australian market from 2003, Jasper Coffee was approached by World Vision in 2006, to assist with their Area Development Project at Kochore in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.

This was the first time for World Vision to engage in a commercial partnership.

We took normal steps, first to receive samples, cup and assess and to find out more about the Coop. The coffee in the cup was excellent and confirmed the next steps. We worked with World Vision over the following 9 months and were able to achieve the Organic Certification and Fairtrade registration through YCFCU, the umbrella Coop, along with the Primary Hama Coop.

As a certified Fairtrade coffee, growers gain an above market price, directly assisting their families with better living conditions.

We then worked with Scott Bennet from HA Bennett to import the first shipment of well processed fully washed arabicas from this high altitude garden forest in Ethiopia.

The coffee was a great success and volumes climbed rapidly so that from the second harvest we were able to bring a full container.

We understand that because of our sales and the Fairtrade Organic (FTO) pricing and Premium, and assurance of our commitment, the producers and their families were able to plan for the future.

They invested in an old truck to help them carry the cherry to the pulp mill and wet process station.

They regained a sense of pride and commercial reason to continue to grow coffee.

As our sales grew, so the growers have used these funds to buy new pulping machinery, buy a new Processing Mill for Naturals, install new equipment for a newly built warehouse, build new toilets in schools and trained new staff in administration and coffee quality,  eradicate old debts and empower themselves to make bold decisions.

We visited the Coop in 2010 and met Takele Mammo, the YCFCU Chairman who had recently taken up this role and who was already adding commercial impetus to the decision making of the Coop for its members.

We already knew how complex, clean and full of taste this coffee presented in the cup, but on the wall of the Coop is a framed, award for 1st Prize at East Africa Cupping Championships just 2 years earlier.

WOW!!! This should humble all those doubters about the amazing qualities of Fairtrade coffee.

Our personal connection with the HAMA Coop people is rewarding and inspiring. They are happy that Jasper Coffee has worked with World Vision to make a difference to their lives. We presented to them, a pack of their own coffee, which had been on the long journey from themselves, to Jasper Coffee and back to them. This is a relationship connection and personalises the partnership beyond just names of places and lot numbers. They were astonished that we cared to print their story on the pack. For us this is the important stuff of re humanising the coffee supply chain.

From this meeting, the people could understand our commitment as real identities rather than a corporate logo. This is beyond commercial partnership.

In 2012, on our return to Ethiopia, we delivered photographs from the previous journey.

In 2013, we diverted our World Vision levies and sponsored an Agronomist, Shawn Steiman, from Hawaii, to attend Yirgacheffe and report on their coffee growing practice, with recommendations for improvements. We had this report translated to Amharic so that the farmers can use it in the field. We are now working with the growers to implement these recommendations.

This is one of our exceptional coffees around the daily morning cupping bench. Get it into that Filter brewer and sip it slowly. We do.

‘Enjoying Jasper Fairtrade coffee is a truly easy way for Australians to help change lives and support a sustainable future for the environment’. -  Tim Costello, CEO World Vision.

Jasper Coffee and World Vision Together, are Changing Lives.


Jasper Coffee launched into the Anti- Whaling Campaign of Sea Shepherd in 2010.Their courageous efforts have been to take on the Japanese illegal Whaling Fleet in the Antartic waters, leaving each year from Melbourne and New Zealand.

We rushed to support the campaign by providing the caffeine fuel needed by the crew, to cut the wakening hours through the storms. With Sea Shepherd efforts to raise awareness and take action to protect and conserve our oceans and sustain the lives of endangered whales and fish within, this demanded that we supply only Fairtrade Organic beans, sugar, cocoa and Goodwill.

Each year since, Jasper Coffee has sponsored the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker vessels with enough caffeine to keep them AHOY through the bleakest of forays and the celebrations of success.

We are on board and bountiful with beans in our enthusiastic support for these brave pirates, who leave our relative safe ports and fight our good fight in the tumult and turbulence of the great Antartic seas.

Sea Shepherd….We Salute You !

To read more about the success of their latest Operations Icefish Campaign, go to;

…and not a bean was spilled !

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