Foundational to the way we choose to go about our business.

We consciously choose our coffees, with respect to how the product is grown and harvested… preferably under Organic and Shade Grown conditions, within an economically sustainable environment.

Fundamental to this, we are always concerned for the economic and social well being and living standards of the people who produce our coffees.

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Our Certifications

One of the most important certifications in our business as it supports local communities & the environment.

Fairtrade is an alternate commercial trading system, independently audited, which embraces community action within a democratic Cooperative structure to ensure a higher than market price for the coffee to each farmer, and elevates the living standards for whole communities through the receipt of payment of a Fairtrade Premium direct to the Cooperative.

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This Certification sits above and compliments Fairtrade, Organic and Carbon Neutral and truly demonstrates that we care about the way we operate and think.

This Certification is an acclamation that our business is a force for good. Through our products and practices, we aspire and demonstrate benefits and relationship for our stakeholders.

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Certified Organic coffee means no inorganic chemicals or pesticides are used in producing the coffee.

The strict standards of the Australian Certified Organic system go further, demanding no chemicals are used in the ENTIRE supply chain, including roasting and handling here in Australia.

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Shadegrown means the coffee trees are planted under an indigenous or mixed forest canopy.

This provides natural habitat and food for local wildlife as well as a vital haven for migratory birds. We have 24 Shadegrown coffees and 12 of these are Fairtrade Organic Certified coffees.

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Our Carbon Neutrality is substantiated and supported by best practice auditing and carbon emissions accounting methods.

By becoming a 100% Carbon Neutral Coffee company in 2009, our vision of collecting data and taking responsibility for our footprint and our carbon emissions has come to fruition.

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We're always seeking ways to improve

  • 2003 – Jasper Coffee became the first Australian Fairtrade Licensed commercial roaster, and foundation members of FTAANZ.
  • Our Roastery became Organic Certified in 2003
  • First to introduce Fairtrade Organic (FTO) Sugar, FTO Drinking Chocolate, FTO Pods, FTO Instant Coffee
  • 2005 - Introduced Café Femenino to Australia – an economic and socially sustainable program within the Peruvian PROSASSA Penachi Fairtrade Coop
  • 2006 – Participated in Green Fleet program, offsetting the miles of our motions.
  • 2006 – Awarded Sustainability Grant for an Audit Project to determine energy it takes to produce 1kg coffee beans and 1 cup of coffee.
  • 2007 - Introduced compostable triple walled paper Take Away cups
  • In 2008 delivered FTO coffee for the first time to 68% of all Domestic Airlines
  • In 2009 Jasper Coffee becomes Australia’s first Certified 100% Carbon Neutral Coffee Company
  • 2012 – We installed the new Loring Smartroaster into its Roastery. This is the most Sustainable, energy efficient roasting system in the World, further reducing emissions and energy use to cook our beans.
  • 2012 - Transitioned 50% of our sales fleet to Hybrid energy Toyota Prius vehicles.
  • 2013 – Launched a new compostable zip lock package for Fairtrade Organic Instant Coffee, along with using the same material for all our 1kg bean bags.
  • 2015 – Increased our sales fleet to more Hybrid Prius vehicles.

Enjoy your Jasper coffee

We put great care into our impact on people & the planet, so you know each cup you drink is having the least impact possible, helping communities grow and is made to the highest possible standard.

Take an adventure through our range to explore the best coffee for you.

Our coffees are as unique as each drinkers taste. There is no one way to enjoy your brew.

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Jasper Coffee is an Australian family owned Specialty Coffee Roaster established in 1989, led by Directors Merilyn Parker and Wells Trenfield.

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