Cafe Femenino

Every 2 years, we meet with the Café Femenino Foundation members along with Isabel Uriate La Torre, the co founder of Café Femenino, to discuss projects, problems  and progress of their success.

Jasper Coffee introduced this fine coffee to Australia in 2005. We had already been supplied by the Penachi Fairtrade Coop, in Peru, yet when we met and understood the needs and social initiative of this project from within the Coop, we immediately contracted our supply to the Café Femeninos.

When our Director, Merilyn Parker visited the Coop in 2005, it was a major event.

“This is the first time that people have come to visit us – we hope you keep coming it is important for our communities to see each other” – Maria Sabino Hernandez Queva, Café Femenino producer.

Merilyn cemented the personal relationship with these producers, which has now been nurtured with regular meetings at SCAA.

In 2007, as a reward, Jasper Coffee sent one of our staff to Peru to meet with the women. She took with her a cheque $5,500 to hand to the women for their use as needed. With the funds, they decided to employ someone to write a submission to the Government, for funding to construct a new fresh water reservoir. The submission was successful. They now have this supply of fresh potable water. With the remaining money, they employed people to construct new water channels to a range of villages.

We have been using these same beans to decaffeinate using Swiss Water Process.

In 2014, Jasper Coffee funded another fresh water project in schools, to enable 2,400 children to have fresh potable water. We also funded construction of a new warehouse.

Out of their initiative has come our personal relationship with the amazing women in the Café Femenino project.