Billy Dunne

Rich | Creamy | Cocoa

Enriched by the flavours of Ethiopia and Central America, this blend champions balance and body.

With creamy sweet cocoa and plum, this coffee is the statesman of Organic and Fairtrade sustainability.

  • In the beginning there was Billy Dunne Bennett. Bill, owner of Australia’s best known coffee brokering house, was instrumental in pioneering, Fairtrade Certified coffee into Australia. As complex a character as Bill was, so too this blend is enriched by the fabric of flavours out of Ethiopia, Central and South America.

    With respect to these origin tastes we champion balance, body and ethical benefit, in order to sustain the promise of creamy sweet cocoa and plum – just as Bill liked it. As homage In kind to sustainable statesmanship in coffee, we give you this champion of Organic and Fairtrade Blends.

    • Espresso dose: 20 grams
    • Extraction: 45 grams
    • Time: 30 Seconds
    • Temp: 94 degrees
    • Filter Coffee-to-water ratio: 1:16 or 1:17