Blend Five

Sweet liqueur | Chocolate | Smooth

Make magical lattes with this luxurious blend of Central American, Indian and African Coffees.

With a velvet smooth sweet liqueur in the cup, this coffee is unsurpassed luxury!

  • After sumptuous courses of dialogue and gastronomic indulgence around many a friends’ table, we had the quest to blend a coffee to complement the sublime dessert flavours. With 5 of the world’s top Arabica beans we created a rich, smooth sweet liqueur in the cup.

    Confirming our long held view, it recognizes that most Australian tastebuds prefer sweeter, smoother coffees, as opposed to stronger bitter blends.With beans from Colombia, India,Tanzania, Brasil and Nicaragua… a luxurious compliment to memorable meals… and mates.

    We give You Blend #5
  • In:21 grams dose

    Out:44 grams

    Time:30 Seconds

    Temperature: 94 Degrees