World Fairtrade Challenge on May 13, 14 and 15th

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If you think your morning coffee will just keep coming out of that pack, then just cherish every sip you can. Climate Change is muddying the brown perceptions of  every cup of coffee we drink. At SCAA Coffee Conference in 2012, it was revealed by Entomologists and Agronomists, that Climate Change had already made big impacts on the agronomy and environment and bio diverse patterns of behaviour of birds, insects and farming .

It only takes 1deg temperature increase in local climate for the birds to fly away on their migratory habitual path, maybe days earlier than normal. That in turn, leaves predatory pests to have a field day with coffee fruit or leaves, which in turn can alter the volumes of coffee harvest and health of the trees. As pests generally like warmer climates, this makes coffee very vulnerable when grown at set elevations. It means that pests can also move up the mountain because it is warmer,and have devastating effects on the crop. But this means farmers have to move their high altitude trees even further up the mountain to be able to produce the quality beans we all take for granted in the morning cup of brown stuff. Higher up the mountain means there is far less arable land and far more difficult to farm. Soon, this land also will just run out while the pests keep marching up the mountain.

With all this movement and unpredictability, farmers suffer financially. Fairtrade trading system helps these farmers stave off the hunger months and the impacts of lower volumes while Climate Change remains rampant. Every cup of Fairtrade coffee means that the farmer and families, have a little bit more in their income from those Fairtrade sales. It also means that to have continuity of sales, the Fairtrade Premium can go towards funding agricultural solutions for Climate Change , and so halt the farmer and family migration away from unproductive or un economic farms…just so we can have cheap continuous coffee in the cup.

We must all participate in ensuring these farmers of our best coffee , continue to have a fair price paid for their crop. Fairtrade is part of the antidote to Climate Change and this Fairtrade Fortnight, you can support these farmers every time you drink and enjoy your Fairtrade coffee.

Get involved…get to your Jasper Coffee store and support our World Fairtrade Challenge on May 13, 14 and 15th.

Read more>>  https://www.fairtradechallenge.org