Jamaica Blue Mountain - The Journey from Wallenford Farm

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The Journey begins a few months ago… After hours of sleepless travels, in dire need of caffeine, Wells arrives at the SCA Symposium in the beautiful city of Budapest. Backpack on his shoulder, his mission: Locate Joseph Salmon – UK importer of the world’s famous Jamaica Blue coffee. His quest successful, they shake hands – the deal is sealed: The exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain (JBM) coffee is expected in August… Just in time for Father’s Day !

Before reaching our shores, our JBM goes on a global tour. From the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica, our JBM coffee travels to the UK; there it needs to pass the UK Quarantine compliance - the Australian Government has a quarantine problem with agricultural products direct from Jamaica. Once it has cleared the UK Quarantine regulations, the precious cargo can now be air freighted to OZ.

So finally… we receive the long awaited call… The barrels have passed inspection and are ready to catch a ride into our roastery! An hour later, the wait is finally over .. .

Mr Tong is ready; armed with a hammer and a flat head screwdriver, he impatiently opens up the first barrel. Let's fire up the Roaster !

On the same day, the first barrel of premium green beans is crafted into the brown treasure with each batch carefully cupped to ensure the perfect taste, smell, and colour. 

The journey now ends ... for our prized coffee as it is preciously packed and has now made its way to our Jasper Coffee Stores..

Gift it, or keep this rare coffee for yourself, either way, Share in Sips!

This year our JBM beans are from the the home of Wallenford® Farm where dedicated farmers have cultivated Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee for over 250 years.