The Brazil Boys

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Yesterday morning we had the Brazilian buzz at the Roastery.

We had a special visit from the Brazil Exporters, COMEXIM, who supply us with our wonderful Santos pulped Natural coffee. We were very pleased to host Bruno Hazan, and Mauricio Pires Di Cunto who were introduced to us by Scott Bennett from our Importer, Bennetts.

Now this is not just another roastery visit by these guys. They only ever taste Brazil coffees since no other coffees are permitted inside Brazil.
With great anticipation, we played our cards on the table with coffees around the World. These
included, 5 Ethiopians, (3 washed and 2 Naturals) including the heirloom Geisha, newly launched, from Bench Madji. They were treated to a Colombian Popayan, and the exquisite Peru Café Femenino…which was a great hit. So, along with other coffees from PNG, Sumatra and Brazil, and the table was a buzz.
Not yet finished with the brown stuff in the white bowl, we transferred to the mighty little espresso and elevated our visitors to yet another experience of these “Other World” coffees.

The discussions confirmed that our Santos is blended from selected regional farms in Minas Sud, and the cherry is brought in from small farm holders and processed as pulped Naturals.
A quick tour through the Roastery facilities, like the training room, and a short lesson on the Loring, left Scott to mop them up and pile them back in the car and whisk them off on another journey.
This was a great opportunity for us to connect with the people who have handled our Santos for over 20 years. This is what relationship coffee is about.