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RED DUST…the Coffee #reddustthecoffee

Red Dust Healing #reddusthealing 

In early 2014, Outback Academy approached Jasper Coffee to partner in a landmark funding campaign involving coffee and Indigenous Communities around Australia.

The approach was initiated because of Jasper Coffee’s commitment to Fairtrade, and the parallel of Fairtrade practices to those of the Red Dust Healers.

As the dust was stirred over the many months since, a unique blend of Certified #Fairtrade, #Organic and #CarbonNeutral coffee beans has become the focus for the funding campaign.

A flavour description brief from Outback Academy was proposed, and under this guideline, Red Dust the Coffee was sipped and slurped into a recipe of sustainable reality.

With single origin Fairtrade Organic coffees from six locations around the World, each lot separately profiled in roasting, then carefully blended. Jasper Coffee has created a coffee experience with complex fruity zest, dense earthy body and a creamy malt finish.

Out of the dark space of uncertainty for a positive future, the Red Dust Wheeling and Healing program brings enlightenment and pragmatic advice to Aboriginal and other young people with disability. In this way, individuals are re engaged with a positive aspiration for Life, Education, Employment and their well- being.

From this conceptual and pragmatic space, the visual landscape of the label was graphically developed.



Outback Academy Australia Pty Ltd  #outbackacademy

Outback Academy is the link and catalyst between people and organisations, where they aim to accelerate economic freedom, employment and well-being with Indigenous communities across Australia.

 Their endeavour is to nurture and facilitate networks of business who demonstrate corporate social responsibility platforms within their structures.

They are especially involved with Economic Freedom Projects, brokering land based business and job creation with Aboriginal landholders and business investors. Additionally, they are also working collaboratively to build inclusive sustainable business and employment with Aboriginal landholders, supported by companies like Veolia, CP Foods and Kabo Lawyers.

Within their RESPECT model, they play a mentoring support and advocacy role for opportunity and guidance to young people within local communities, especially with education and pre-employment training and vocation programs. One of their key mentoring programs is the Leadership training through Red Dust Wheeling and Healing, and as facilitators of the ambassadorial Red Dust Heelers basketball team.

Outback Academy has harnessed the Corporate Social Responsibility experience of Jasper Coffee to assist the funding of these programs. Now every cup of Red Dust the Coffee, contributes to this responsibility.



Red Dust Heelers #reddustheelers

The crux of this partnership, is to support the mentoring initiatives and the ambassadorial efforts of the Red Dust Heelers. The Heelers are Aboriginal and other athletes with disability. They use the game of wheelchair basketball, through the National Wheelchair Basketball League, as a vehicle to enable these healing programs. The Heelers aim to empower Aboriginal and other young people, with or without disability, to lead, mentor and inspire self- respect and to heal their cultural and social hurt, a result of rejection, trauma or grief.

The Wheelers and Heelers manifest the RESPECT program as initiated by Outback Academy Australia. Within this program, they run basketball events as a catalyst to bring communities together and to open paths for their 3 day mentoring programs.

The Heelers Patron, Kevin Coombs OAM, who is Australia’s first Aboriginal Paralympian, describes these games as, “a way of encouraging young people to have a go at life no matter what their situation.”

Red Dust Healing was developed by Tom Powell as a specific cultural healing program generating positive choices in life. His program is adapted for, and instrumental in support of the Heelers programs.

The Tree is his metaphor, where growth and regeneration come from good nutrients of acceptance, love and respect. Here spreads the branches as choices and the values of people to be part of their own solutions. This edict permeates the programs of the Wheelers and Heelers across Australia.