Get on your Bike... its B Corp Month

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Get on your Bike..its B Corp Month.

At Jasper Coffee we just take on various projects of Social Responsibility outside our normal operation of roasting and selling coffee. Without pre meditation, we then discover that our work accommodates and fits the model of our B Corp certification…like doing good with coffee and… bikes.

The image shows our Cambodian project where we supported and mentored young people in a community, and showed them ways to change their access to income. We supported training and mentoring for their café which complemented their income from a tourist rental bikes program. Two of the young baristas won the Cambodian Championships from this training.

This is reciprocated in our own community where, in our last week of B Corp month, we will contribute 5% of all online sales to the Yarra Bike Fleet Project.

Being a B Corp is not about wanting to be B Corp, but really just doing good in business.