Certified Jamaican Blue Mountain – St Clouds Estate

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No doubt about it. This is a rare and distinguished coffee.

Dads Love our Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee! It’s a perfect Father’s Day treat. We have limited supplies and always save some for the Dads.

To understand the journey of this wonderful coffee here are some facts.

To produce this exceptional coffee the Jamaican Coffee Board controls every part of the production. They apply rigorous standards for the agronomy, harvesting, wet processing and drying, parchment storage, quality selection, quality screening, cupping, final selection for cup quality and tightly control the export availability.

Approximately 80% of the Jamaican Certified export grades are sold to Japan. In a normal year the total production of export grade is only 266 Tonnes.

Due to the production conditions this year the crop availability was down to only 179 Tonnes. Coffee plantations were hit by the fungus La Roya and an infestation of Bora Beetle. A bushfire destroyed areas where coffee grows on the steep slopes. Together these events reduced the export available beans by more than 30%

Of this, 80% still went to Japan. No leaving much for the rest of the world. And although we had ordered early, the price increase caused by the scarcity of export grade availability meant we took 50% of our forward order.

This scarcity has seen a significant 85% increase in price per kg of green coffee. This translates to a much higher market price to the consumer.

The Coffee goes on a global tour before reaching our shores. Because the Australian Government has a quarantine problem with agricultural products direct from Jamaica, not to mention the issue of the classic wooden barrel, which may not pass Australian Quarantine regulations, our JBM is sent to UK, and then air freighted to OZ. Having met UK Quarantine compliance, it is then free to enter Australia. Go figure that one.

This year our JBM beans are from St Clouds, which is part of the Mavis Bank group of producers/processors. A true Cloud Coffee. It’s a place on high our coffee trip visiting list. We’ve yet to make it there.

 All JBM grows on very small plots, located on very steep high mountain slopes at approx. 2,200mt. It is difficult to harvest in the clouded mists. Unusually under these conditions the trees produce cherry 10 months after flowering, whereas normally coffee takes 5-6 months from flowering to develop.

We have not had this particular estate coffee before, it required new adjustments in the roast profile…. Congratulations to our Roasting Team: Tong, Charles, Jeremy and Sean, who have sweated perfecting the roasting nuances to make just right.

We have found always, that JBM takes time (10 days) to properly de gas and settle down to its best drinking. It will be perfect for Father’s Day.

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